Debaditya Chaudhury, an entrepreneur with unmatched versatility and business acumen has already achieved many a milestones in diverse fields, ranging from music to public relations to food. He is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata from where he graduated with a degree in commerce and a business management degree -holder from the prestigious IISWBM. Enterprising in nature, he also had a passion for music which led him to join the Bengali band Lakkhichhara, one of the most popular Bangla rock bands in Bengal, in 1998. Though Lakkhichara saw him intensely travelled around the globe, Debaditya joined Blue Lotus Communications, a national Public Relations firm as the branch head for the eastern region and today he holds the position of Vice President of the group. A globe trotter and an ardent foodie is another of side of Debaditya that very few know of. With his wealth of experience that he gathered from around the world and his love for food, he started the Chowman Chain of Restaurants in 2010 with an aim to offer food lovers the best in Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. His main motto behind this venture was to democratize neighbourhood fine dining. This helped Chowman become one of Kolkata’s favourite destinations for fine dining and home delivery joints spread across prime locations of the city. With Chowman gaining immense popularity among the foodies of Kolkata, Debaditya felt an urge to introduce the city to another destination for gastronomic delights – Oudh 1590. He, along with his brother Shiladitya, gave Kolkata the first ever destination for Awadhi cuisine and Kolkata’s first period dining restaurant serving authentic royal delicacies from the kitchens of the Nawabs. A voracious reader of books on travel and a car freak, Debaditya believes in expanding the organizations’ reach out to every part of the country. His entrepreneurial mettle and vision is evident from his increasing number of ventures and their stupendous success. His recreational activities include driving and playing the piano. Debaditya’s philanthropic initiatives include his close association with Basha - an NGO dedicated to the well being and upliftment of under-privileged children.