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Delicious Chinese Now at New Town, Rajarhat

Chowman, one of Kolkata's most popular Chinese restaurant chains, has opened a new outlet at Newtown, Rajarhat. The cozy space coupled with the authentic Chinese flavours make it the perfect spot for a special family dinner. Right from the entrance, rigorous safety protocols are followed. From sanitization of hands, [...]

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A Word From Our MD

Life was quite different 10 years ago when my dream of starting my own Chinese restaurant became a reality. When we first started, I had to play various roles-sometimes that of a cashier, that of a steward on some days, a kitchen supervisor on others and occasionally even that [...]

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Chowman safety precautions

During these trying times, it is important to remember that the safety and health of guests are always the first priority. Restaurants in Kolkata, like Chowman, have devised set of safety rules and precautions that need to be taken to make sure the dining experience is safe, secure and [...]

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Super Foods for better immunity

While food preferences differ from people to people, there are certain items considered to be Super Foods - precisely owing to their heavy nutrients content which helps in repairing cell damage and give the body necessary nutrients to fight diseases. Some of the most commonly found items which qualify [...]

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Battling the Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19, or more commonly known as the Coronavirus has created an atmosphere of great distress all over the world. In early March it was declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization, one which has taken numerous lives and threatens to take many more. However, it is [...]

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Home Delivery Service in Kolkata

The growth of home delivery service in Kolkata has begun with enjoying restaurant food at home. On an average the eating trend of the city of Kolkata has shifted from eating out to eating outside food in the comfort of home. Starting from breakfast to lunch till dinner, anything anytime is [...]

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