Chowman’s 10th Year’s Special Menu

Marking the auspicious occasion of Chowman’s tenth anniversary, the Chinese restaurant chain has introduced a Special Menu! Keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of their large customer base, Chowman has introduced 10 new dishes with something for everyone! The items on menu are: Mushroom & Black fungus in Chilli Soya Sauce – A spicy and unique combination of stir [...]

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Chinese Cooking Utensils

Chinese cooking techniques are highly coveted. The popular Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata use traditional utensils, which help in following the traditional cooking techniques followed by Chinese people, making the tastes and flavours more authentic. The most important and commonly used utensil is a Chinese wok. It can be used for any type of cooking from boiling to frying [...]

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Safe dining during Durga Puja

With Durga Puja only a week away, all the restaurants near you are gearing up to serve hoards of people during the grand, week-long affair. While the excitement of Puja remains, safety is the topmost priority for people this year. Adorning colourful new clothes, hanging out with friends, going out pandal hopping with family – all require one thing [...]

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Popularity of Family Dining

For decades, restaurants have been a space for families to come together and spend quality time. Family Dining gained further popularity as people started getting busier and eating together started becoming a thing of the past. In a country like India, where family is of such great importance, restaurants largely cater to families. The most popular restaurants have menus [...]

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Delicious Chinese Now at New Town, Rajarhat

Chowman, one of Kolkata's most popular Chinese restaurant chains, has opened a new outlet at Newtown, Rajarhat. The cozy space coupled with the authentic Chinese flavours make it the perfect spot for a special family dinner. Right from the entrance, rigorous safety protocols are followed. From sanitization of hands, shoes and belongings, to a completely contactless dining experience, Chowman [...]

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