Nothing Is More Felicitous Than Chinese Food on Christmas

For a country like India, each and every festival holds equal importance, be it Durga Puja, Eid or Christmas.  Christmas is celebrated grandly every year throughout the country with decorations, lights, cakes, sweets and some delicious Chinese food! While many of them prefers to go out and visit their favourite restaurant on Christmas eve, some love to order online their favourite [...]

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Celebrate Duck Festival with Chowman

Quack  Quack! It’s raining ducks in here!!! Kolkata’s popular Chinese chain of brands, Chowman is back with its 10th Oriental Duck Festival!! The very origin of duck as a dish dates back to the exotic gluttonous delight of the Yuan Dynasty, China . With its exposure in the culinary diet in a famous cookbook of Hu Shihui, dietary physician [...]

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Yours Truly – Chowman Opens Its Cloud Kitchen in Birati

Food is something that is very intimate to the human emotions. And when it comes to the people of India, the culture itself is embedded with the art of having food.  Walk down any street of the Indian gully in a scorching afternoon, and a mixture of saffron, spices, cloves and sometimes mint can hit strong to the nose. [...]

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All Things Chinese! Chowman Now at Kalyan Nagar

Wake up Sleepyheads!!! Now one of the best fine-dining(s) of Kolkata takes it flight to the Garden City. Within an approx 1200 sq ft area, Kolkata’s ruling brand, Chinese Chain of Restaurants, Chowman opens its national Dine-in at Bangalore’s Kalyan Nagar. It has been a big venture for the Kolkata-based leading brand, Chowman acing its way to the top [...]

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Commonly Known Chinese Food Myths Busted

Chowman's Cantonese Noodles Chinese food is an absolute love for almost everyone around the world. The  rapid growth of Chinese restaurants evolving globally is a testimony to the surging demand for Chinese cuisine. Dating back as one of the oldest cuisines, Chinese food now is now a commonality following the Chinese settlement in every part of the world. However, [...]

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Father’s Day with Chowman

Those special times when your very grumpy, super serious daddy had slipped notes into your pocket without your mum’s knowledge, or those patch-ups made with your super annoying sibling, or the times when your dad and you sat together sharing words of wisdoms- the bond between a dad and his child is way beyond words. Imagine a stout, rigid [...]

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