Celebrate Duck Festival with Chowman

//Celebrate Duck Festival with Chowman

Celebrate Duck Festival with Chowman

Quack  Quack! It’s raining ducks in here!!!

Kolkata’s popular Chinese chain of brands, Chowman is back with its 10th Oriental Duck Festival!!

The very origin of duck as a dish dates back to the exotic gluttonous delight of the Yuan Dynasty, China . With its exposure in the culinary diet in a famous cookbook of Hu Shihui, dietary physician of Yuan; today, the bird has become quite a fancy in the gourmet industry.

Over the years, popular restaurants across the world have tried their hands out in reintroducing and introducing different types of duck dishes. Tracing down to the topographical culinary movement of the duck recipes, some of the popular dishes that have found prominence are Pečená kachna in the Czech Republic, Canard aux cerises in France, Pato a la sevillana of Spain, Pappardelle all’anatra in Italy of Europe; and predominantly in Asian delicacies like  the Balinese Bebek Betutu in Indonesia, Korea’s Oritang, Zhangcha Duck in China, and the American-Turkish blend of Turducken found both in America & Middle East.

The list remains on going with so many master chefs acing their knowledge about the tender yet chewy flesh of the bird ! And, Chowman, being one of the renowned Chinese brand-faces in the F&B zone, knows exactly how the duck has dominated as an iconic dish in the Asian Horizon.

Retracing back to the authentic and unique preparation of the duck meat in Asian style, Chowman is all set with its upcoming Duck Festival starting from 15th December onwards  which will be featuring a plethora of exquisite items like Duck Meat Sop with Mushroom, Chinese Style BBQ Roasted Duck, Duck Spring Rolls, Pepper tossed Roasted Duck, Duck Meat Moonfan Rice, Chilli Plum Roasted Duck, Roasted Duck in Cantonese Sauce, Hanghzou Style Roasted Duck and so much more!



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