Nothing Is More Felicitous Than Chinese Food on Christmas

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Nothing Is More Felicitous Than Chinese Food on Christmas

For a country like India, each and every festival holds equal importance, be it Durga Puja, Eid or Christmas.  Christmas is celebrated grandly every year throughout the country with decorations, lights, cakes, sweets and some delicious Chinese food! While many of them prefers to go out and visit their favourite restaurant on Christmas eve, some love to order online their favourite Chinese food and binge watch their favourite Christmas movies.

To make this grand celebration even more grand, Chowman Chain of restaurant is ready to treat you to the best of Chinese cuisine, from starters to main course to dessert. The menu includes richer, heartier items to satisfy your winter cravings. Choose from a lavish spread of warm and rich soups like Shanghai Crab Meat Soup, Meatball Soup, scrumptious starters like Golden Fried Prawns, Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken, Chilli Mountain Lobster, Honey Glazed Ribs, Pork in Chilli Soya, hearty mains like Chicken in Chilli Wine, BBQ Smoked Fish, Devil’s Prawn, Five Spice Lamb, and desserts like Brownie with Ice cream, Toffee Walnut with Ice cream, and so much more!

Among the best casual dining restaurants in Bangalore, Chowman serves the most authentic Chinese and Thai delicacies. If you are in Bangalore for Christmas and you are a die-hard Chinese fan then Chowman is your place to be.

Also, with the festive season upon us, hosting a party at home may seem like a lot of work….on top of everything else you have going on at this time of the year. And food happens to be the most important thing to arrange during these Christmas and New Year parties. Chowman has got it all! They have the best affordable Chinese combos as well as a lavish a la carte menu to choose from.

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